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Thai Yoga and Thai Massage Products

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Thai Bodywork Certified Instructor Courses - taught by Certified Instructor, Rob Murray

L1    L2    L3    AP1    CTB-i    HF1    HF2  


Equipment and Learning Aids

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  • HandsFree DVD
  • Level 1 - Northern Thai Fundamentals DVD
  • Thai Yoga Massage Mat
    • Regular size and Large sizes
    • with or without washable cover; the mat can not be washed
  • Thai Fisherman Pants (unisex and in many colors)
  • Jivaka Bronze statues $150
  • Thai Herbal Compresses (LPK 200 gram body compresses "balls" and mini-facial balls)
  • Authentic Thai music CDs
  • Clinical Thai Massage   
    • Theracanes
    • Electro-Point Stimulators
    • Lacrosse Balls
    • Trigger Point Therapy Workbooks
    • Trigger Point Therapy Charts
    • Range of Motion Charts
  • Prana
    • I HIGHLY recommend 4-way stretch clothing to allow freedom of movement.

                                                                               Prana        www.prana.com          



Thai Bodywork Practitioner (TBP) Certification

Certified Thai Bodywork Practitioner Logo

This is our basic level certification that can be earned by fulfilling a set of requirements consisting of coursework, testing and documented practice. TBP certification establishes that the student has achieved a professional standard of practice.

The TBP 220-hour professional standard ensures that practitioners are adequately trained in several styles of Thai bodywork, understand basic anatomy and contraindications, and have the skills they need to be successful. The TBP Certification serves as the foundation and prepares students for our advanced classes including the Clinical Thai Bodywork Practitioner Certification (CTBP).

Requirements for TBP Certification (220 hours)

Additional Requirements

  • 30 documented practice sessions.
  • 3 sessions received from Certified Thai Bodywork Instructors (TBI).
  • 2 sessions given to Certified Thai Bodywork Instructors (TBI).
  • Practical exam consisting of a 90-minute Thai massage given to an instructor.
  • Written exam covering basics of Thai history and culture, principles of practice, contraindications, body knowledge and business issues.

Note: These courses can be taken with any Certified Thai Bodywork Instructor (TBI) with current certification for that particular course. They cannot be substituted with hours taken at other schools. AP1 may be satisfied via a testing out process for students with extensive anatomy background.

*Out of town students may make special arrangements with Thai Bodywork to satisfy this requirement.


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