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Level 3: Northern Style Thai Massage

Hours: 70.00
CEU Contact Hours: 50.00

Tuition: $1200.00 (50 percent deposit required at registration)

Explore in detail the Chinese and Hill tribe influence on traditional Thai massage, by learning the seven basic katas of the Northern (Chiang Mai) School. The northern style, codified at the Northern Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai, has a strong emphasis on movement and stretches, and is the style commonly seen in books and practiced throughout the world.

In this course, the student gains the tools and experience to be a professional Thai massage therapist through intensive practice of the traditional sequences of the northern regions. 4 hours of treatment options are added to the repertoire, including intensive study of body mechanics in adapting stretches for various body types. This course is essential to the professional practitioner, providing a common lexicon of Thai yoga techniques that is shared throughout the world.

We examine the spiritual and historical origins of the art, and learn the Pali prayer to Shivago as it is traditionally taught.

Over 200 Northern method Asanas are taught, along with energetic theory of the Sen Sip, therapeutic applications, how to structure treatments for specific client complaints, table applications, chair sequences, and much more. Upon successful completion and practical assessment, you will receive a 70-hour certificate from Thai Bodywork. This course is approved by NCBTMB for Continuing Education credit (50 contact hours). Levels 1 and 2 must be completed prior to attending.





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