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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What to wear and What to bring?
A: Thai yoga massage is conducted clothed and there is much movement for both therapist and client.  Therefore, loose fitting clothing that allows one to move is best.  For class, a writing implement is all that is needed.

Q: Do I need to be a massage therapist to study Thai massage at TBW?
A: You do not need to be a massage therapist or have any particular background to take our courses. Our program is open to anyone who is interested in Thai massage -- we teach the fundamental principles of body mechanics, Thai energetic anatomy, the history and spiritual background of the technique, and western anatomy and clinical issues as part of our curriculum.

Q: I have read that you should only study Thai massage in Thailand. Is your program legitimate?
A: Saying that you should only study Thai massage in Thailand is a lot like saying that you should only study acupuncture in China or Shiatsu or Karate in Japan. Thai massage is a more recent arrival in this country; however, as is the case with these other disciplines, highly skilled teachers are now teaching Thai massage in many regions of the world.

At Orlando School of Thai Massage, English speakers can get an education that provides the traditional teachings with no language barrier and also integrates the best of western clinical practices. We also encourage our students to travel to Thailand and get a broad exposure to the culture and healing arts of this wonderful country.