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I mostly enjoy clinical Thai bodywork in addition to teaching students Thai yoga massage.  Here are some reviews of the benefits of combining thai massage with clinical work, especially through the use of Trigger Points (TrPs) but in our unique Thai method.


From TWO Clinical Thai Bodywork massage clients:

Hi Rob, I got your voice mail last night...

I am doing much better, the stretching and theracane along with your massage have made my shoulder pain free for the first time in over a year.  I am finding that my infraspinatus trigger point, while still there and very tender, has become less painful.

Allison said that she had immediate relief from her headache, and is looking forward to her next visit... I guess we will call you on Monday to schedule our next visits.

All the best!


Another satisfied clinical client:

Subject: Eyes, Back Transferred Headache Pain

Like I mentioned on the phone, in my later years of high school, I remember noticing constant headaches, though not severe enough to cause much worry. At the time, I was training nearly everyday for track events and cross country with my high school team. I casually mentioned them to my PCP during a physical awhile after I had been experiencing them, maybe about half a year later.  

I simply explained I almost always have small headaches and she suggested I see an eye care specialist, as she understood the disturbance was transferred by another problem. Being 18 at the time, my mother brushed this off as a doctor's ploy to over prescribe and make money...?? So, these headaches went ignored until I began college.

When I started at UCF, I decided to relax with my training as I was no longer competing at the intense levels of high school varsity teams. I'm sure I had headaches occasionally, whether they were from inadequate rest, stress from school, or a dramatic change in environment. From 2004 to summer 2007, I had not been regularly doing any exercise. In May last year, I got back into 5k's and eventually sprint triathlon training.

I took beginner and intermediate swimming through the UCF Rec Center from October to mid-February, with some stationary biking workouts in between. The back pain and headaches have noticeably intensified over the past half year, but I was almost entirely sure they could be attributed to my classes, work, and other commitments. And of course, you know my experience with the beauty spas...

I still can't thank you enough for helping me. I feel so much happier and light when I can wake up in the morning without my temples still throbbing. I would normally just think I didn't recieve enough sleep again. With the tightness in my back lessened too, it feels AMAZING! I know I need to keep up with the self-care, read the book as my wellness bible, and come by as soon as I can for the Thera cane.

See you Thursday or Friday next week!

So many thanks,