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HandsFree Thai Massage Level 1

Hours: 20.00
CEU Contact Hours: 17.00

Tuition: $450.00 (50 percent deposit required at registration)

This course provides an introduction to the techniques of HandsFree Thai(tm), which allow the practitioner to work on large or heavily muscled clients in a way that is highly beneficial for the client and the practitioner. Commoner or rural style (Nuad Chaleisak) techniques, originating in the northern, hill tribe regions of Thailand, allow the therapist to provide broad, deep pressure without stress on the hands or shoulders. Asana variations using feet. legs and knees are taught, comprising a 1-hour treatment sequence employing all treatment attitudes.

Thai massage has a long tradition of walking techniques, as do many other cultures. These techniques can be practiced without elaborate equipment such as ropes, bars or specially made treatment rooms. If the practitioner is developing balance, a simple object like a chair is sufficient to help maintain safe balance while on the client. We teach the student to be able to do this work with as little mechanical assistance as possible.

HandsFree Thai(tm) is an excellent way for the practitioner to safely work with athletes and other clients who require deeper pressure without endangering the hands, wrists and shoulders. As in all of our courses, we maintain a strong therapeutic focus in our teaching, guiding the student in how to work with specific issues of pain or dysfunction. We employ the principles of Clinical Thai Bodywork to teach the student patterns of pain and its origins while using walking techniques.



 HandsFree Thai




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