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Chris Ray workshop    Jan 2013    $450 for both workshops

Advanced Therapeutic Thai Massage; lower body. 14 ceu's. $350

This 2 day (14 hr) advanced workshop is intended for Thai massage therapists who would like to explore the art of deep, therapeutic bodywork, with a special focus on hips, back, legs, and feet. Over the 12 years that Christopher has been specializing in treating chronic, deep, physical and emotional pain and congestion, he has discovered numerous subtle and powerful techniques for coaxing muscles and energy to release. This detailed sense of body mechanics cannot be found in any book. We are fortunate to have Christopher here to share his rich, unique, and detailed sense of body and energy mechanics, as well as his clear, heart-based approach to life. This class will help you sense a body and energy more deeply, will provide you with a therapeutic sequence for the lower body, and will enhance your existing practice in numerous ways.


Chi Nei Tsang Fundamentals. 7 ceu's - $175

The majority of physical and emotional imbalances and congestion are stored in the abdomen, yet ironically, abdominal massage has become virtually a lost art and science. All energy lines pass through the abdomen, and this area becomes a 'dumping ground' for stagnant energy. This is perhaps one of the most profound forms of bodywork. In addition to addressing ailments associated with all the internal organs, this work is proven to have incredible healing effects throughout the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Chi Nei Tsang is slow and precise work, and this class will proceed with careful awareness and attention to anatomy and energy flow. Learn the basics of Chi Nei Tsang and the unique approach to massaging an abdomen. Open to beginner or advanced bodyworkers who would like to incorporate abdominal massage into their practice.


Christopher Ray has been exploring massage & bodywork for the past 19 years, focusing on Traditional Therapeutic Thai Massage for the past 12.  He has worked with many masters in Thailand, and has developed a unique, masterful style of bodywork which is deeply transformative. Christopher's patient, thorough style of 3 to 4-hour sessions has allowed him to explore deeply into how congestion and energy move and function in the body.  Chris began teaching nine years ago, and offers a range of classes for massage therapists, yoga teachers, and anyone who is desiring to gain more awareness with the human body. He is passionate about assisting people in opening up their bodies, remembering their true potential, and making life more effortless. . And he is filled with gratitude to be able to assist and witness the transformation.