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Florida Thai Massage FAX: (888) 268-9852


1985 Howell Branch Rd

Winter Park, Florida, USA 32792


Massage Establishment License #: mm23676





LEARN to GIVE a Thai Massage

  • For the those wanting to explore Thai yoga massage by learning to give their friends, family, and/or clients and peers a truly traditional session...
  • My aspiration is to teach the art of Thai yoga massage in an effective, efficient, and safe Thai Bodywork manner. 
  • Thai massage should not only be learned from a book, it an art that should be experienced; Thai massage has been passed down from teacher to student for over 2,500 years precisely because it is both subtle and potent.  The field of study is VAST and encompasses many hundreds of hours of training just to have achieve the BASICS of this art. 
    • It is from this point whence YOU can build your career.  I would be honored to be ONE of your many teachers.
  • Classes times: Fridays 5-10pm, Saturday 10am until 8pm, and Sunday 9am to 8pm (or until we are finished).
  • The Introductory Courses: Thai Massage Fundamentals (or Level 1), HandsFree 1 and 2 are $495.


RECEIVE a Thai Massage

For the those wanting to explore Thai yoga massage by receiving a session

We offer several types of Thai massage for those wanting a traditional Thai experience

  • Traditional [60, 90, and 120 minutes] in the Northern (Chang-Mai), Southern (Royal), or Commoner (HandsFree) styles
  • LPK - Thai Herbal Steam Compresses [90minutes]
  • Therapeutic Thai Bodywork [30, 60, or 90 minutes]

Sessions are conducted by a trained and Thai Bodywork certified & Licensed Massage Therapists

Please email to schedule a session with:

  • The owner & Thai yoga massage therapist and instructor - Rob Murray. Sessions range from a 30 minute therapeutic spot treatment to a traditional 90 minute massage that incorporates treatment to the body's energy lines, joints, and muscles with compressions and yoga-like poses.  Pressure and stretching can range from light to intensely therapeutic.
    • $125 per hour
    • A package of ten sessions may be purchased for $50 off hour sessions or $100 off 90min sessions.
  • A student (a licensed massage therapist) that is perfecting this art and technique
    • Rates begin at $80 per hour or $120 for 90 minutes when available - sessions should be scheduled at least 3 days in advance.


Practice YOGA

For the those wanting to explore yoga in a small class setting with more individualized attention

We offer several yoga classes per week

  • Class size is limited to 12 people to improve individual instruction (even though classes are divided by levels)
  • Classes are 75minutes in duration
  • Props are provided but you are encouraged to have your own mat at the very least.
  • Sessions are conducted by very experienced and skilled instructors

Cost and Class Schedule: (click here)

Please email to reserve your spot with a cc or send us an email, if you are concerned about the class filling up.



For the those wanting to explore Pilates in our private studio

We offer several types and levels of pilates.

  • All of our instructors are Stott Pilates certified
  • Classes are 55minutes in duration
  • We offer classes (no more than 6 people); duets (2 people); and private instruction
  • We are the largest fully equipped Stott Pilates studio in the region, as we are also a Stott Certification Center


  • single class is $35
  • package of 10 is $27.50 per class = $275

Please email Dana to coordinate your initial session 

(you will need to reserve your spot with a cc) or send us an email